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jww October 2, 2009 09:37

Free Stream & Wall Temp UDF
I have a free stream temperature which is changing with time. I can define this in a profile (rather than a UDF) easily enough, but I need to communicate the current free stream temperature and adiabatic wall temperature to a UDF which defines the heat flux (using DEFINE_PROFILE) as a function of these variables.

q(x,y,z,t) = H(x,y,z)[T_inf(t)*R(x,y,z) - T_w(x,y,z,t)]
q = heat flux
H = heat transfer coefficient (known)
T_inf = free stream temperature (defined in a profile)
R = recovery factor (known)
T_w = adiabatic wall temperature

What syntax is used in a UDF to obtain the free stream temperature at the current time? Also, do I use WALL_TEMP_OUTER to obtain the adiabatic wall temperature at the current time?

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