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yingying October 6, 2009 11:22

aqueous solution droplet modeling
Hi dear all,

I don't have much experience in DPM modeling, but now I need to model the evaporation process of an aqueous (water) solution when it is injected into a hot gas flow (like in a drying process). My material, the solute M, is solved into water, and then the solution will be sprayed into a hot gas to let all the water evaporate so that M (solid) could be obtained.

I checked Fluent manual, and there seems to be two options for modeling the water solution droplets: droplet particles with a volatile component fraction specified, or the multi-component particles with the mass fraction specified.

Which one I should use? or, if a user-defined function has to be used, could anyone give me some ideas about how to model this process?

thank you so much in advance!


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