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bigfans October 8, 2009 18:19

how to model heat transfer inside a slow moving bed?
Dear friends,

I am modeling a vertical cylindrical reactor. The small cold particles and hot gas flow down from the top of the reactor through two inidividual inlets and flow out from the bottom through two different outlets. The particle flow is very very slow and about 3/4 length of the reactor is full of particles. So I consider it as a static packed bed and a porous region in Fluent. I want to know the pressure, velocity, and temperature fields inside the bed. But the questions is:

If I model the bed as a static one without being refleshed (I run it as a steady problem), the final bed temperature will be homegenous inside the bed and equals to the gas temerature. Apparently it should not be so and the final bed temperature profile should be lowest at the top (near the inlet particle temperature) and highest at the bottom and increase gradually between them.

I don't think it is good to use multiphase flow model for this problem and still insists on the porous media model for the bed. If I use moving reference frame, how should I put the boundary conditions for the top and bottom of the bed to make it close to the real case? What's about the unsteady solution?

Thanks a lot.

bigfans October 9, 2009 00:12

Your help will be highly appreciated!

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