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daraujo October 16, 2009 09:39

Defining two bubbles inside a domain
Dear all,

I have simulated a gas bubble in slug flow (Fluent 6.3 – 2ddp version) with a reference frame attached to the bubble. To initialize this simulation I have marked cells inside a semi-circle + rectangle, and patched a gas volume fraction of 1 to this register. At the end of the simulation one of the results is the real bubble shape which is quite different from the simplified initial conditions.
My present problem is that I would like to take this result of the real bubble shape and define, in the same domain, a second bubble with the exactly same shape behind the original one. I have marked the cells of the first bubble, using the adaption->iso-value menu, based on the final .dat file of the simulation with one bubble, but I don´t know how to translate or copy this register to some distance below in the domain.
Is it possible to duplicate a register and translate it to other place in the domain, and then patch the desired volume fraction to both registers? And if it is not possible, is there any alternative that can solve this particular situation?

Thank you very much for your attention.
Daniel Araújo

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