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mahzironrazak October 19, 2009 18:41

Drag of Plunging Airfoil
Hi All

I am doing simulation for sinusoidal plunging 0012 airfoil using dynamic mesh. At the moment i am getting very low average drag (over one period) compare to the literature. The lift however seem to be comparable. The literature was also using fluent but getting mean drag 10 times bigger than mine. What could be the issue here, any ideas guys?

The domain consist of airfoil surround by a circular zone with 100 000 grid points (tri mesh) This domain is set to move as rigid body with the airfoil. There is an outer domain which is a square domain.

My parameters are the same as the literature: except the literature is using c grid.

Numerical Analysis of Flapping Wing Aerodynamics
M.A. Ashraf, J.C.S. Lai and J. Young

The Re is the same at 20 000 and also using laminar viscous model. reduced frequency and plunging amplitude are also the same.

Do you guys know how could I improve my drag values or whats wrong with it?


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