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tanven October 24, 2009 22:22

question about uds
hello,everyone. I am new to Fluent. Here I have a question.

I have added an UDS(potential) . But I confused when I imposed the BC. There are two type of BC for UDS. One is "Specified flux",and the other is "Specified value".

And what I know is that "Specified flux" means "-diff*(grad(potential))".

Here is my question!

As for insulating wall, we should choose the BC with "Specified flux" equal to zero. Is it right?

Another question is that I imposed a constant current on another boundary, and this time how should I set the value of "Specified flux"?

Additional, Specified flux=-diff*(grad(potential)).

current density=-diff*(grad(potential)).

with the above two equations,

we can conclude that "Specified flux=current density", is it right?

tanven October 27, 2009 09:55

Is there anyone who can help me or give me some suggestion?

evangeline July 5, 2015 11:22

Hi dear, I encountered the same problem as yours.
How did you set the specified flux for your potential by UDF?

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