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ADI October 26, 2009 20:30

Fogging / Mixing Problem
Hello All,

I am new to CFD so I don't have much experience in the field and I need help.

For my research I am trying to model a vapor mixing with ambient air. The vapor is diesel based oil (used for thick fog generation) in gaseous phase which is coming out of 5x 1/16 inch diameter holes at 1050 deg. Fahrenheit and 1000 Pa gauge pressure. I need FLUENT to show me how it is mixing with the air (air entrainment), where the temperature of the vapor is 870 deg F and the fogoil to air ratio in terms of volume fraction and mass fraction.

After doing some research, I found out that I can get a Volume fraction ratio if i use multi-phase model but I have to use single phase Multi-component model to obtain mass fraction ratio.

So I am confused as to what model I should use and how to set the boundary conditions.

If you have experience in this sort of simulation or modelling please help me out as I am under a little time crunch as well.

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