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dungsidietquy November 2, 2009 15:51

Multiphase Simulation
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Hi everyone,

I had a problem on Multiphase Model on my simulation. The model I used is Eulerian Multiphase Model with 1 inlet chanel 2 outlet (1 out let chanel + 1 outlet inside - the yellow one). Around the outlet inside, there are a lot of pillar (black circle ones), and the distance between 2 pillar is 8um.

I use 2 phase:
Primary phase is liquid, viscosity = 3cP, Density = 1025.
Secondary phase is paritcle with diameter 15um, viscosity =3cP, density = 1125.

Boudary condition:
Inlet: Vilocity inlet. Intial velocity = 10mm/s
Outlet: Outflow.

When I run simulation, and I get the result. I don't know why the particles still pass through these pillar (diameter > distance).

I run many time but still the same. I worry too much because I have to finish this simulation to finish the final thesis.:(

Can anybody help me.

Thank you too much.:o

dungsidietquy November 3, 2009 20:16

Please help me. I really need your help...

Thank Fluent's user....

t.krishnamohan November 3, 2009 20:57

What exactly is the secondary phase? Is it a solid or a fluid?

coglione November 4, 2009 08:18

Sounds like your are faced with a large particle problem. This kind of problems can not be simulated using standard particle models of Fluent.
Note that the diameter of your second phase (=particle) is only used numerically to compute momentum transfer between your phases but Eulerian models can not be used to model particle interaction with geometry, i.e. that large particles are trapped in narrow gaps.
I think, Unfortunately you have went completely wrong in choosing Fluents Eulerian model for your specific application.


dungsidietquy November 4, 2009 14:46

@ coglione:
That's is an answer I need. So what will I do in this case? and which model i can use for my thesis. Can you suggest me another model and the tutorial to read. Plz.

Thank you very much.

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