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ivanbuz November 4, 2009 18:22

detect separation and reattachment points in Fluent
I want to get the separation and reattachment points in time-averaged simulation results, and I am a little frustrated now.

I checked the text books and it says du/dy=0 or dp/dx=0. I searched the forums and there is not much information about how to detect them.

I try plotting "mean x-wall shear stress" in "unsteady wall statistics" of the airfoil, and it seems to me that the separation point is where shear stress=0 (from positive to negative), and the reattachment point is where shear stress=0 again (from negative to positive).

Can anyone show me the correct way to detect these points? Thanks in advance!!!

thanos May 3, 2010 21:36


instead of plotting press ''write'' in your X-Y panel and save the file in a .xls format. This will create an excel file. Do it for the shear stress on x axis and then examine the points from your excel file. As you correctly assumed, laminar separation occurs when the shear stress change from positive to negative and reattachment when it changes from negative to positive.

Good luck!

m zahid January 20, 2015 15:10

hi reattachment length
hi , is it necessary to do the unsteady analysis for the reattachment length or can we measure this by steady analysis. ????

advance thanks

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