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-seb- November 5, 2009 10:59

Cyclone, problem with slip vel

I'm trying to model a cyclone with a two-phase flow, water-vapor and water-liquid.

There is an inlet where a mixture of water-vapor and water enters and two outlets, one for the mixture and one where only water is supposed to be able to exit (not sure how to set that up).

BC are velocity inlet at the inlet and pressure outlet at the two outlets.

I'm using pressure based solver, multiphase-mixture, energy-on,visc-ke-RNG (later RSM).

Temperature and pressure changes are not that large so I have set constant density for both phases.

At phase interaction I have drag-schiller neuman,
mass-evaporation/condensation both ways. slip-none, surface tension-none.

I managed to get a converged solution using both RNG-ke and RSM but when I turn on phase interactions slip-manninen et al the solution quickly diverges. I tried lowering the under relaxation factors with no succes.

Any thoughts on why slip velocity doesn't work?
or on the simulation in general?


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