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Fred Marias November 9, 2009 07:37

Heat Flux trough velocity-inlet BC.
Hi there,
I am modelling a travelling grate gasifier.
The behaviour of the solid bed is computed thanks to a 1D porous model which is solved in a proper software.
It takes as an input the heat flux from the freeboard of the bed to the bed.
This software yields the local velocity of gas leaving the bed and entering the free-board of the bed which is computed into Fluent. The porous model also yields the temperature of the bed as well as the composition of the gas leaving the bed.
The surface boundary of the bed is modelled as a velocity inlet into Fluent. Profiles of velocity, composition of the gas and temperature are provide to Fluent at this BC.
The Fluent domain domain solves combustion using the stiff chemistry solver and radiation according to the DO Model.
The overall process is iterative. Indeed, the computation of Fluent should yield me the total heat flux to the bed, which in turn will yield me new boundary conditions for my Fluent model.
My question deals with the choice of the data to export form Fluent to the bed. Indeed, I can export several profiles (surface incident radiation, radiation hat-flux, total surface heat flux...) and I do not know which one to chose as the relevant one.
Can anybody be of help?
Thanking you in anticipation.

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