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SimoneTecnoil November 9, 2009 12:29

Injection of water in vapor
Hi to all...i have to simulate an injection of water into a steam of vapor in supercritical conditions. 'thou vapor in this situation could difficoult be approximated to an ideal gas, for a first approach (since i have only the 6.3. version of Fluent), i'm simulating with vapor as an ideal gas. Now, i have a problem. When the simulation stops, with the convergence, have i obtained the situation of equilibrium within vapor and water injected? i'm simulating with an a number of continuos phase iterations per DPM iteration equal to 10. The injection type is "single". My problem is....convergence = equilibrium? I'm searching the "time of complete evaporation" of the droplets of water, if i inject a flow of water of 1,25 Kg/s into a flow of vapor, in stationary condition, of 50 kg/s. if i don't have a real situation of equilibrium, the time calculated is wrong. Help me!!!!

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