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ivanbuz November 9, 2009 19:44

Urgent! how to plot contours without grid in the figure?
I need some contours plots by tomorrow, and I am going nuts right now.

the plots are to show z-vorticity. I know how to plot z-vorticity contours in Fluent, but I don't want grids to show in the figure. I did not select item "Draw Grid" or "Filled". How can I get rid of the grid in the figure?

Thanks a ton!

ivanbuz November 9, 2009 21:14

anybody can help? I have searched the whole forum, and I am trying everything I found without luck.

teguhtf November 9, 2009 21:27

Hello ivanbuz
To solve your problem try this step
1. open contour window
2. deselect "Filled" in contour option
3. click display
4. open your contour window again
5. select "filled"
6. Click display

I use FLUENT 6.2.16 for my example

Hope it helps

ivanbuz November 9, 2009 21:42


Thanks a lot for the reply. I tried and it did not work. did I miss anything?

after step 6, the figure is just a normal figure of filled contours. What I want is basically a plot with 20 iso-surfaces each with different iso-value and different color.

I use version 6.3.26. I am not sure if this is the reason.

teguhtf November 9, 2009 22:28

I'm sorry. I think you'll draw ordinary contour. For iso surface, you can see an example of annulus in
Hope it helps

herntan November 9, 2009 23:00

to show the ISO surface, u will need to have rendering light turn on i think.

ivanbuz November 9, 2009 23:21

Teguhtf and herntan,

Thanks for being kind enough to reply!

After several hours of trying, I have found the way to do it. I will post the solution here when I get things on hand done, maybe tomorrow.

teguhtf November 10, 2009 00:04

You're welcome. Post it to this forum, please!!

ivanbuz November 10, 2009 18:36

Solution, as promised:

1. Generate a serial of iso-surfaces. Easy to do using text commands like below (this generates only 1 surface which includes 20 iso-surfaces)

2. display--contour. select the generated iso-surface, check "filled", and uncheck "global range".

3. use light to get 3D effect. use rotate to get the angle you want.

final figure will be like this

teguhtf November 10, 2009 19:16

Nice to see your simulation. By the way, can you send me .cas & .dbs file??
I wanna learn about that. here is my email
Thanks a lot

sairam November 10, 2009 22:39

hi ivan ur 3d stimulation looks gud can u tell me how did u remove de grid for counters, i had tried it but no result
and can i have ur file it looks intresting
thank u

herntan November 10, 2009 22:44

Very nice image u got... Gratz..
its pretty interesting how u create 1 surface by using 20 ISO.
I never know it can be done that way.
Thank Ivanbuz. :)

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