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cortez505 November 12, 2009 20:52

Composite Engine Valve Project
Hey all,
For my CFD class at my university I am planning on doing a GAMBIT/FLUENT model of a composite engine valve (I chose this project since in one of my other classes I am working with composite engine valves). The main goal of the model is to study the heat transfer on the valve face and the valve body (internal temperature). The difficult parts of the problem are the properties of the composite. Is there anyway to model a composite in GAMBIT/FLUENT?

I am also considering simplifying the problem by not worrying about modeling the composite. But another complexity I will run into is modeling the valve movement. I am planning on using a dynamic mesh to achieve this but does anyone have any comments?

I could ask many other questions but considering this project is just in the idea phase I would appreciate any input. Thanks for your time.

Xiox November 18, 2009 05:02

Isn't there a Fluent tutorial about an internal combustion engine with moving mesh and boundaries ?
Maybe its usefull for you.

Good luck

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