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vuccj7 November 19, 2009 13:47

Data Output at Specific Sites + Grid/Geometry Adaptation
To simplify, I would like to model the forces acting on a 2D circle at specific test points. For various flow rates, I am interested in seeing the forces at the EXACT same locations along the surface of the circle. For example, evenly place 20 points around the surface of the circle and calculate various forces at these points. End result is that I wish to modify the geometry of the circle based on the forces it encounters (and then run subsequent simulations with the new geometry – calculating new forces, and so forth). I think I need to keep the coordinates of these test points in a separate array and then trace their positions over time…I just am not too sure how this is done. I’m wondering if I need to have MATLAB (e.g.) driving the runs…

The rationale for not wanting to do this manually is that there are quite a few “circles”, probably >20 test points each, and with many time steps.

Also, if anyone has any comments regarding automation for adapting the grid geometry to account for the deformations and re-meshing between simulations, that would be helpful as well.

vuccj7 November 24, 2009 13:50

Anyone? Bueller?

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