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ANKW November 20, 2009 18:00

Gas Solid Fluidization
Dear, can someone tell about the drag model for cfd simulations of gas solid fluidization process using 1mm particles. In fluent there are three options: Gidaspow, Syanlal Obrien and Wen & Yu. Have someone tried these models for bigger partilces (like 1-2 mm). Which predicted the experiemtnal results well?
Can soemone tell about the significance of Granular temperature models. I mean in Fluent there are two options 1) Phase Property and 2) Partial Differential Equation. Which is best to use in case of gas solid fluidization of 1mm particles in the range of 1.1 to 1.55 Umf gas superficial velocity
If it si PDE then there are different models available in fluent, like Syamlala, Gidaspow etc. Which can be more appropriate in case of 1m particles. The information about the models is also required in case of Granular Viscoity and Bulk Viscosity

Thank for reading and reply

achy7pch November 21, 2009 11:13

gas solid fluidization
hi i too working on gas solid fluidization. will u please send me the tutorials or materials that u have used for fluent operation. i am right now new to CFD. i
am studying at IIT email id is i have already prepared mesh diagram for gas solid fluidized bed. but need help in fluent. please send me

if you do that i will be thankful to u.:)

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