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Parham November 25, 2009 03:05

exhaust jet to free space
i want to simulate a exhaust fire jet to surrounding.
and i have some questions:
1. what boundary conditions is suitable for outlet boundary, pressure oulet or pressure far field?:confused: (i use pressure oulet)
2. when i simulate a turbulent jet without combustion my answer is correct and flow enter to my domain but when i enable model of non-premixed my result would be incorrect because part of flow is going out of lateral boundary:eek: while i expect to enter more flow to my domain because suction at combustion state is more than turbulent state without combustion?:confused:
please help me.
with best regards.

Parham April 23, 2010 18:58

that's it
i solved it ;) thanks:)

tienmanhnguyen October 7, 2013 21:11

Dear Parham,
I am having trouble with the model of free jet into stagnant air. May you give me advice on the geometry I need to modify? the nozzle outlet is 50microns diameter. thank you in advance

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