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ha85 December 4, 2009 16:07

Ahmed Body Coefficient of Drag how to calculate?
I set up the monitor. All of the boundary condiations and materials are correct. I have a 3d model which I'll be running turbulent k-epsilon. I was told about setting up something in the reference values? I do not know what to enter here for the Area or lenth? My ahmed model is inside an enclosure. Can someone please help me in setting this up?

Irshad22 December 19, 2009 13:17

Hello,I am laso having same problem oenclosure. I couldnt able to find the body inside the tunnel after the analysis except the mid plane section view as like in 2D analysis.Anyhow in refernce you need to mention the frontal area of ahmed body. and compute from velocity inlet at the top. thats it.

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