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gyliang December 8, 2009 01:50

I need help about User-Defined Fan Model
In FLUENT 6.3 User's Guide7. Boundary Conditions7.24 User-Defined Fan Modelthere is an Example of a User-Defined Fan.
It said that: the executable file will be built from the Fortran program, fantest.f, which is shown below. You can obtain a copy of this subroutine and the two that it calls (to read and write profile files) by contacting your Fluent technical support engineer.

fantest.f is show bellow:
cc This program is invoked at intervals by FLUENT toc read a profile-format file that contains radiallyc averaged data at a fan face, compute new pressure-jumpc and swirl-velocity components, and write a new profilec file that will subsequently be read by FLUENT toc update the fan Usage: fantest < input_profile > output_profilec integer npmax parameter (npmax = 900) integer inp ! input: number of profile points integer iptype ! input: profile type (0=radial, 1=point) real ir(npmax) ! input: radial positions real ip(npmax) ! input: pressure real idp(npmax) ! input: pressure-jump real iva(npmax) ! input: axial velocity real ivr(npmax) ! input: radial velocity real ivt(npmax) ! input: tangential velocity character*80 zoneid integer rfanprof ! function to read a profile file integer statusc status = rfanprof(npmax,zoneid,iptype, $ inp,ir,ip,idp,iva,ivr,ivt) if ( then write(*,*) 'error reading input profile file' else do 10 i = 1, inp idp(i) = 200.0 - 10.0*iva(i) ivt(i) = 20.0*ir(i) ivr(i) = 0.0 10 continue call wfanprof(6,zoneid,iptype,inp,ir,idp,ivr,ivt) endif stop end Now I am at a loss about
status = rfanprof(npmax,zoneid,iptype, $ inp,ir,ip,idp,iva,ivr,ivt)and wfanprof(6,zoneid,iptype,inp,ir,idp,ivr,ivt)Are they subroutines that need link to fluent or I should write them myself ? Or is there anyone have done similary work and kind to give me some suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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