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yingying December 8, 2009 17:44

Heat Transfer Boundary Conditions
Hello, I'm confused with the heat transfer calculation at boundaries, and hope someone could kindly clarify that for me:

I'm simulating a fluid flow in a nozzle, and need to specify a convective heat transfer BC at the nozzle wall in the form of: -k_fluid * dT/dn = h_cw*(T-T_cw), where cw stands for cooling water, and I can specify the value of h_cw and T_cw. I saw this BC in a paper, but don't know how to implement it in Fluent. My questions are:

1. how would Fluent calculate the heat flux from the fluid to the wall in this case?
2. do I just input h_cw and T_cw in the convective tab of the wall BC panel, or,
3. do I need to write a UDF with DEFINE_HEAT_FLUX? if this UDF is needed, how should I put it? something like: cid[0] = -k*C_T_G(c,t)?

I'm really troubled with this problem, would greatly appreciate any help or hint. Thank you!


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