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xhield December 10, 2009 06:02

Dyanmic mesh + 6DOF + rotating frame

I wonder if anyone has a project that simulates fluid and solid interaction, and hence using dynamic meshing + 6DOF feature.

I am doing a simulation for a centrifugal pump that has a magnetically levitated impeller, and hence the fluid dynamics will affect the positioning of the impeller.

A successful simulation of the rotating impeller has been done using single rotating frame around the impeller, but only in static mode. I tried using the same set up, and on top of that, includes 6DOF and dynamic meshing to the impeller. This is not successful has the error is always "negative volume detected"

Is it because the mesh is too coarse? And can fluent simulate dynamic meshing across 2 volutes (stationary and rotating frame)?

Thanks for any kind reply !

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