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achy7pch December 17, 2009 02:30

expansion of bed in fluidized bed
hi everybody

i have simulated unsteady fluidized bed at different superficial velocities and got result. now i want to plot a graph of expansion of bed vs superficial velocity. does fluent contain any option (xy plot)

and how to determine any expansion of bed for a perticular superficial velocity.

thanks in advance.

rajesh1987 November 24, 2011 11:34

UNsteady state modeling of fluidized bed...
You wrote that you finished your simulation and got results but not graphs. I am also doing the simulation using eulerian model but not able to get the results...please help me..can u please send me the data used by you for simulation using fluent....its very urgent for me......


temo September 26, 2013 10:49

in main menu bar of FLUENT u will find "PLOT" which contains XY plots between diffrnt variables, hope u will find thr.................

i am also doing the same but didn't got results i.e. contours of volume fraction are not as required, can u send me the detail of ur modeling, its urgent, i shall be very thankful to u

revo February 16, 2016 07:21

not able to seperate solid region from fluid region
hey guys i am doing cfd modelling of fludised bed using icem cfd and fluent 15.
my problem is i am not getting seperate regions for solid and fluid i defined them correctly,i read the case displayed the mesh,from the bottom of the bed to a height of 0.177m i made a coarser mesh.i initialized the solution then ,in calculation activies i defined the void fraction when i clicked display then the whole coloumn became red ,actually it should be red upto the beight of the solid region and blue upto the fluid region.when i started calculations the countours are changing from the bottom(inlet) whereas it should change from the top od the solid region..i am not getting seperate parts fluids and solids but in mesh its showing two diffrent regions..anyone please help its my final sem project..thank u :)

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