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Irshad22 December 17, 2009 04:33

3D analysis of Ahmed body
Hi everybody,

I have a doubt in 3D analysis of Ahmed body. Academically I used to do 2D analysis in fluent. But when I got the resources to in 3D I have following doubts.

1. Since we build the wind tunnel for analysis, after solving the problem I couldnot find the results inside (transparent). Usaually in gambit I have subtracted the body from tunnel and meshed it. So what is the option i need to use in fluent 6.3.26 to find the complte flow of picture in 3d? I am able to see by using the mid plane section view results as like 2D analysis and rear plane view also by defining the mid plane surface. But I need to see in isometric format.
2. when we generally calculate y+ values: either before the analysis or after the analysis?

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