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MDinc December 28, 2009 22:40

Reversed flow on pressure outlet
Hi to Everyone and Merry Christmas,

Is ''reversed flow on pressure outlets...'' really a problem on Fluent that have to be fixed? Because, I have this warning message but there seems no problem on convergence of model.

There is way to fix the reversed flow problem that extending the domain to further away. However, I can not extend the model to further away because I am also trying to reduce the total mesh faces and elements so I cut the 3D-Truck model from the middle and then I have choosen pressure outlet for this half end of Truck. Should I change this B.C. (pressure outlet) to interior or outflow?

Murat Dinc

teguhtf January 1, 2010 05:47

Hi Murat!!
That is nice question. I'm in the same problem too. well, i think the way to reduce back flow is lengthen tho outlet or to set the gauge pressure >0 pa. Interior can be applied only in the middle, it doesnt work in the end.
hope it helps

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