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shailendra January 13, 2010 20:58

to set the axes in 3d in contour plot
hi ,, friend , i am doing project on three phase flow in fluidised bed reactor ,,
unsteady , state in 3D
my problem is to set the axis x,y,z such that
z axis is cylindrical column vertical height
x axis along horizantal radial
y axis is perpedicular to screen of computer

in analysis i am getting ,,contour plot in x and y plane ,,,and z axis is perpendicular,,inside so it difficult to rotate every time and view the contour in Z-X ,plane

how i have to set this axis so that in contour plot , i will get Z-X plane ,,,and Y axis be inside the plane of computer
i am using Fluent softwere 6.2

-mAx- January 14, 2010 02:03

If no pre-saved view enable to display what you want correctly, you may create your own view and save it (diplay/view, option camera...)

-mAx- January 15, 2010 02:21

you can also translate and rotate your mesh, so that the axis matches what you want:
*Grid / Rotate...
*Grid / Translate...

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