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ashishashish_5 January 18, 2010 03:02

Combustion modelling of dual fuel engine ??
I'm working on a project of CFD simulation of dual fuel combustion (1 liquid and 1 gas).

Can it be done using the MDM model in FLUENT 6 ?

Can anyone suggest some online sourse for some basic information related to this work ?

Any other help/assistance would be appreciated.

Thank You

herntan January 18, 2010 21:42

I think ur question is different. MDM is by the meaning of moving and deforming mesh.
Combustion and different phase flow is another expect in simulation.
All is not inter-related to each other.

U can have MDM in any kind of combustion, cause its just means the moving mesh.

I suggest u go through the chapter below.

I never do any liquid + gas simulation before. Hope this help.

Chapter 11. Modeling Flows Using Sliding and Deforming
Chapter 14. Modeling Species Transport and Finite-Rate
Chapter 15. Modeling Non-Premixed Combustion
Chapter 16. Modeling Premixed Combustion
Chapter 17. Modeling Partially Premixed Combustion

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