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yerem3 January 19, 2010 04:10

Fluent 6.3 pemfc module, UDS diffusivity
Hi, I'm trying to use pemfc module in Fluent.
I wonder how does properties had set in pemfc module.
For example, UDS diffusivity of catalyst-default have a udf, and it is 'cond::fuelcells2.2'. (have a identical udf in collector default, difflayer default, membrane default)

I found 'cond' in pem_user.c.

return pem_cond(c,t,iuds);

There isn't any information about 'pem_cond(c,t,iuds)'
There are four uds and four solid materials.
How does uds diffusivity set in udf.
Help me~

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