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WetSawdustDemon January 22, 2010 03:00

FLUENT - fully implicit with following features?
Hello all,

I am hoping that someone can help with my problem. I have not used a CFD before and I am just starting to work in this area, so I apologise in advance for any misunderstanding on my part, but any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Our group has decided to buy a CFD package and it is my task to select which one. I believe that either or both of CFX & FLUENT have all the features we require, which are:

Darcy’s Law flow
Two phase flow
Large Eddy Simulation
Heat and Mass transfer
Moving boundaries
Unsteady flow
Timescale 2 – 10 seconds
(although longer if feasible, I am not sure about mesh size yet)

However I now need to determine if equations used by CFX or FLUENT are solved implicitly, semi-implicitly or explicitly, and if that can be done with all the features listed above active at the same time. If anyone with experience can help me you would be a real hero :)



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