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ghost January 22, 2010 21:43

Spalart Allmaras nan error

I am running a case of injection and suction on the surface of the aerofoil using the Spalart Allmaras model. Mass flow inlet and pressure outlet gauge pressure is set to 0.

I get this error after about 2000 iterations.

"Error: > (greater-than): invalid argument [2]: wrong type [not a number] Error Object: nan"

May I know what is the problem?

Previously I ran a case with inlet gauge pressure of 500Pa, and outlet of 0Pa and there is no such problem.

Thank you

ghost January 23, 2010 11:58

these are the last 3 iterations before the error.

iter continuity x-velocity y-velocity energy nut cl cd time/iter
2489 1.3316e-01 7.3148e-01 9.7446e-01 1.2804e-01 3.3772e-05 1.9984e+01 -1.0886e+00 29:29:07 17511
2490 1.3265e-01 7.3308e-01 9.7280e-01 1.2752e-01 3.3780e-05 1.9979e+01 -1.0898e+00 29:29:46 17510
2491 1.3223e-01 7.3466e-01 9.7201e-01 1.2709e-01 3.3790e-05 1.9974e+01 -1.0911e+00 29:30:39 17509

none of them is approaching 0, so why is there such an error?

appreciate if someone could help. thank you.

ghost January 29, 2010 10:01

can anyone help?

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