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mariachi January 23, 2010 13:24

LES and UDF... plz help!
hey friends,

i am doing LES of wing. i want to compare LES with URANS. as in URANS, we cannot record the fluctuating part of velocity or other variable, instead we get a mean time averaged solution, but LES is a more accurate solution towards the flow problem.

now i want to record or visualize these fluctuations so dat i can compare it with URANS which will offcourse show no fluctuations.

ive heard that UDF has to be written for this purpose. is it so???

and if it is, how to do it???

ill be really thankful for any help......

DoHander January 23, 2010 17:55

You must write a UDF or a scheme macro in order for you to be able to save the speed fluctuations at every time step.


mariachi January 24, 2010 12:11

Thanks DoHander

can u give me some more details plzzz,
or if u can point me towards someone who has done some related work, maybe give me his email

ill be really thankful

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