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DillonS January 25, 2010 18:31

Fluent & Ansys FSI architecture help

Im new to CFD in general but Im using Ansys 12 to try and solve a slosh problem. To illustrate my problem, I've developed a fluent model using Volume of Fluids for a free surface, spherical tank, filled about 60% with water. The top of the tank (pressure inlet) is open to atmospheric and gravity is present. The fluid is given an initial velocity to start the slosh behavior. Solving this simple system is fine for fluent. Now heres where Im getting really confused.

Now I'd like to integrate a flexible diaphragm/bladder into the tank to couple the liquid surface. The bladder is rather stiff, but still deforms to sloshing of the liquid. Now I essentially have a fluid structure problem which requires solver coupling.

I've been told Ansys 12.0 has this capability without the need to write a UDF....

Q1. IS THIS ACCURATE... Can Ansys indeed tackle this problem?
Q2. Can this be done easily through the workbench?
Q3. What should the solver architecture look like... do i use Fluent first... or do I use Ansys first... Any insight would be great because Im getting lost in the manuals.

Please help

Thank you,

kevpw April 7, 2010 16:00

I don't believe FLUENT currently has two way coupling. I believe CFX does.

You may want to take a look at the mopart command in ANSYS for coupling with fluent.

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