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mariachi January 29, 2010 07:17

UDF to record FLUENT solver variables...
dear friends,

Fluent provides macros to access solution variables like velocity etc. These macros are used in writinf UDF to access any variable of interest.

I am doing LES, and i want to capture the fluctuations in velocity. If i write a UDF to access the velocity variable provided in these macros, i can observe the fluctuating component of velocity which will offcourse be not observed once the same UDF is linked to URANS case. Is that right? Correct me if i am wrong.

Plz anyone help me in writing the UDF or give me if someone has done some similar work, i dont know how to write the UDF!

Waiting patiently for your quick reply :)

mas February 3, 2010 23:18

an alternative way to your problem is to use surface/volume monitor

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