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saurabh.deshpande88 January 31, 2010 14:16

how to get exact vale of lift/drag coefficient
Hi everyone,

I am a beginner in the field of CFD. currently analyzing flow around an airfoil at different angles of attacks using FLUENT.

I want to plot graph of 'lift/drag coefficient' vs 'angle of attack'. But i don't know how to get exact value of lift/drag coefficient.

From the graph of 'lift coefficient vs iterations' i do get some idea about its value but not the exact value.

Please help. Thanks in advance

khor_albert January 31, 2010 16:44

You can get the values from the main console if you select the right settings (should be by default) . Check Solve --> Monitors --> Force ... then under lift and drag, make sure the option 'Print' is checked besides 'Plot'. The values should be 'printed' in the main console as the iteration is underway.

saurabh.deshpande88 January 31, 2010 23:48

Thanks man. your suggestion helped.. i got it. thanks again!!

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