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coalgas February 9, 2010 03:05

multiphase heterogeneous reaction definition
Hello everyone

It is mentioned in UDF manual while defining DEFINE_HET_RXN_RATE macro, "The bulk phase can participate in the reaction if the phase does not have any species ( phase has fluid material instead of mixture material)".

I am trying to model reaction between air (primary phase) and carbon (secondary phase) to yield CO (of primary phase) with eulerian multiphase model. According to above discussion, I have defined secondary phase straightaway in DEFINE>PHASES>SECONDARYPHASE as Carbon which is fluid (not a mixture). Primary phase which is defined as DEFINE>PHASES>PRIMARYPHASE as "Gas-mix" which is mixture with CO CO2 O2 N2 as species, am I right??

And second question, with above procedure, when i define heterogeneous reaction in DEFINE>PHASES>INTERACTION>REACTIONS and tried to define heterogeneous reaction between primary phase (air) and secondary phase. I can not see Carbon in species? Have i done any mistake while defining heterogeneous reaction?

Thanks in advance.

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