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osgumero February 9, 2010 16:01

Convergence for Conjugate Heat Transfer
Hello all,

I'm relatively inexperienced with CFD and am trying to run simulations of conjugate heat transfer. While iterating, I am having problems getting the solution to converge.

What are possible remedies to obtain a converged solution? I know that refining the grid/mesh is one option but are there other things I should be looking into? For instance what would be the be best solution method (best as in the most accurate) for analyzing temperature gradients within a solid? Is there anything else that I should look into as well as refining my grid?

Thanks all


newdate4 February 10, 2010 06:53

If there arent any large changes in temperature, assign your fluid using the Boussinesq model & define the thermal expansion co-effiecient for the fluid in the material card.

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