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cfdiscool February 10, 2010 14:00

what is CFL number?

What is CFL number (abbreviation :confused:) and how can we define it ?

How to set/manipulate it in FLUENT?

What is its affect on Solver/solution/

I am new to FLUENT and trying to understand these basics behind the solver and how it works...

thanks for enlightening reply .....

nice day


Philipov February 10, 2010 14:38

It can be Courant-Fridrih-Levy number (I think that was the full name...) it is related to unsteady flows and represents the effect on the timestep... You can find more in net or users guides...

cfdiscool February 10, 2010 15:27

i have just find this thread somewhere in the forum now: CFL is well explained in different contexts:

Thank you again :)

Philipov February 11, 2010 03:56

May be it is a good idea first to search in the forum.... this is an advice to all new members.... do not fill the forum with questions that were solved.

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