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coalgas February 11, 2010 01:21

how to introduce volatile fraction in Multi-Phase
Hello everyone,

I wish to model 2d packed bed reactor with Euler–Granular Multiphase model.
Phase 1 - mixture of air, steam Phase 2- coal.

I wish to introduce volatile species (CH4, NH3, H2S, H2O, CO, CO2,) in phase 2. Idea is Phase 2 is coal and will pyrolysed to yield volatile species and char, then finally volatile combustion and char decomposition reaction.

In DPM modeling, it was easier to model devolatilization as various models were available. But I have no idea about Euler–Granular Multiphase model. Can anyone please, explain or describe the procedure to involve devolatilization species in granular phase.

Can I define pseudo species (char, volatile, ash) in Granular Phase? And then phase interaction panel can I define generalized reaction such as
volatile--> aCH4+bNH3+cH2S+dH2O+eCO+fCO2

And volatile combustion can be achieved by combustion of individual species in gas phase mixture reaction panel? That was arbitrary approach I thought, is that right??

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