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cfdiscool February 13, 2010 22:10

VOF source terms (Momentum and Mass)---How to define them ?
Hallo all

My model is steady 3D VOF...I have to simulate flow out of a nozzle now
for this fluid region flowing through the nozzle volume region ( water is secondary phase) definition of Mass source is necessary...

as a rule, momentum sources and turbulence term sources (k epsilon)) MUST also be defined after defining the Mass source..

The values of source terms are per unit volume in FLUENT according to definition:

I am NOT using any UDF.... I want to directly give a constant value of mass momentum and turbulence sources:

As I have gone through the FLUENT manual, it says that for a fully developed duct flow
the turbulence length scale can be derived through the formula l = 0.07 L.

Basing on this k epsilon and turbulence Intensity can be derived using respective formulas.......

so I did calculations this way....and obtained values for above flow variables
My question

1.can I now assign these calculated numerical values to source terms in the Boundary conditions of my fluid zone in the nozzle (a 3d Cylinder of small radius < 1 mm)

2. I have to define momentum in x y z direction separately, How can I do this? The units are strange and confusing

suggestions are most welcome ......

thank u :)

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