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aviitkgp1 February 18, 2010 05:28

UDF for varying contact angle (wettability gradient))
Hi all Fluent users!

I am working on 'CFD simulation (3D)of a droplet moving under a wettability gradient'.
I want to introduce a wettability gradient by varying the contact angle. Could anyone help me with writing a UDF for introducing a contact angle variation along X axis in a 3D domain ? My domain is a 3D cuboid.

Ankit Verma

aviitkgp1 March 10, 2010 15:37

#include "udf.h"
I wrote this UDF for a 2D domain.

real y[ND_ND];
real x;
face_t f;



Can anyone please help me in converting it to a 3D domain?
Thanks in advance!

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