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rahul_bhad1 February 19, 2010 06:04

real gas simulation in ejector for supersonic flow
I were doing simulation of real gas for supersonic ejector. But, the following message is appearing while starting the iterations.

Error: REFPROP_error (202) from function: tprho (density)
[TPRHO error 202] liquid iteration has not converged for T = NaN K, P = 0.20000E-01 MPa, rho (last guess) = NaN mol/L, compositions = 1.00000
Error Object: ()

The boundary conditions are given as follows -
pri. flow inlet - pressure inlet 400600 Pa, total temp. 78 C
sec. flow inlet - pressure inlet 39990 Pa, total temp.8 C
pressure outlet - pressure outlet 40000 Pa, backflow total temp. 35 C.
Real gas used is R141b.
Can anyone help me?

amjadfirst March 31, 2015 21:12

I had that happen to me a few times under different conditions. Changing the mesh could help (refining), but what worked for me is changing the under relaxation factors. drop them by a lot and see what happens.

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