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gt1 February 20, 2010 01:37

ice accretion on airfoil - actually getting accretion

I'm trying to validate a collection efficiency model with a NACA 0012 but am having trouble getting the water particles (inert) to even strike the surface of the airfoil.

I do have trap conditions set on the airfoil wall as well as the erosion/accretion option set in DPM. Injection type I have set is group, with 1500 particle streams. I also have the range of injection in the y direction from -3 to 3. Diameter is 1.6e-5. All distance units are in meters (not that it makes a difference).

Displaying the particles with respect to time with the grid background shows that none of the particles are even coming within the first 5 or 10 grid points.

Could someone offer a suggestion that would help in getting the particles to actually strike the wall (airfoil)?

Thank you!

Ish June 11, 2011 00:00


I'm working on the same thing. I simulated the water droplets using DPM and injection options. And am having trouble with the water droplets striking the airfoil. How should I go about it ? Also how do i proceed to the accretion procedure ? Please help..

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