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rock February 22, 2010 18:35

Chemical interaction between solid and fluid

Firstly I would like to introduce myself as being new to this field and I am not a CFD student :D . I am actually working on some electrochemical machining. I wanted to be able to simulate the whole ECM process.

I recently found out that FLUENT would be my best bet to do something like this. I basically want to show the effect of a chemical reaction on an electrode in an electrolyte. Can i get any tips or guidelines as to how to go about this ?

Thanks !


coalgas February 23, 2010 00:52

Solid-Fluid Reactions
Yes with Fluent you can study solid-fluid interactions with reactions.
There are several approaches to solve such problems.

if you are interested only with reactions with surface reactions, there is tutorial on fluent user service center web page
"Modeling Surface Reaction in a Single Circular Channel".

in another approach where you can elaborately define solid and electrolyte phase, in multiphase model. Euler-granular approach with species transport model is best for such applications. There are few tutorials are available on mentioned webpage.

All the best.


rock February 24, 2010 14:56

Chethan !

Thanks so much for the response ! I couldnt get to the web page for some reasons, but i could go to the Fluent tutorials document and locate the couple of things you mentioned. I will look into it right now and will definitely get back to you if need more help.

Thanks again !


mahmohammad March 31, 2010 17:49

Dear CoalGas and Rock,

I'm stuck in modeling a simple surface reaction flow. I refered to the link that Coalgas provided and I could not sign in. My fluent is on a network and i can't have a customer number to sign in! :(

So, is there another way to have those tutorial? Can you give them to me?

Please, I need that.

Thank you in advance

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