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s_fardisi February 24, 2010 21:46

flow in a non circular culinder-piston

I want to solve the fluid flow in a non circular culinder-piston configuration.
Originally, I would like to solve it 3D but let's discuss the 2D problem first. The cylinder walls have some curvature, for example each wall can viewed as a 1/4 of a circle. The piston moves inside this curvilinear cylinder. My question is what is the best way to do it and how should I introduce the moving wall for the piston? Is there a good online help or a tutorial?

P.s.1 I think I have to use a mesh layering but I am not sure how I should account for the motion of the piston. I know Fluent has a preset situation for conventional cylinder piston problem in mesh layering but how can I expand it to non circular culinder-piston.

P.s.2 Do I have to use a moving wall? If yes do I have to write a UDF for it and in that case can I still use the mesh layering or I do I need re-meshing then?

Thanks in Advance


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