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naftalena February 28, 2010 13:20

help me understand porous media in fluent~ pls pls.. :(
good day,

i am a beginner in fluent simulation. some one pls help me to understand porous media model.i already go through fluent manual n im doing this based on my understanding. someone help me to correct if my understanding is wrong.. im using a 2d column with
Domain Extents:
x-coordinate: min (m) = -3.000000e-001, max (m) = 3.000000e-001
y-coordinate: min (m) = 0.000000e+000, max (m) = 1.300000e+000

the liquid (water) entering the porous media from top @ y=1.3, to bottom y=0

for the direction-1 vector, i set x=0,y=-1 since the direction in y=-1. is it true? :(

and for the resistance, packed bed model, i used the equation 6.19-16 in Fluent to calculate the permeability.
dp= 25mm (stainless steel pall rings)

n i got viscous resis = 1040
inertial resis = 10.11

in fluent, we need to specify both resistance in direction-1 and direction-2. from my understanding.. direction-1 is x direction and direction-2 is y direction.

i specified viscous resistance direction-1 = 1040
direction-2 = 1040

same with inertial resistance 10.11 for both direction.

the steps are correct? or not? :( someone correct me pls if im done wrong.. because if looking into the journal.. for berl saddles calculation the viscous resistance is up to E07.. but my calculation only get 1040.. huhuhu


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