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panosna February 28, 2010 13:52

Modelling 2d sails with masts in Fluent
Hello everyone!

I am doing my individual project in my university and the subject has to do with the airflow around sails with masts.

The software I use is FLUENT.

I wonder if anyone could suggest which model should I use and any other important parameters.

After some research, I saw that some suggest the Spallart-Allamaras model and others sugest the k-ε model for sails with masts.

I am a bit confused.

In order to find out myself which should I use, I am testing them on some axial fan blades, because I have some experimental data for these, in order to compare my results. The reason I am testing the blades, is that the geometry is about the same as the sail.

If anyone could suggest what should i use for ths sails with mast, please reply.

Thank you.

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