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shrikant_fromchicago March 2, 2010 02:30

Fluent lmgrd is not running
Dear Folks,

I have installed ANSYS Workbench with ANSYS Flexlm Manager which came with ANSYS main CD and it was installed fine.

After 1 week, on same PC I did install Gambit and Fluent. Gambit is working fine. Whenever I go to open Fluent it shows error, 'Can not connect to license server' 'lmgrd is not running'. I do not remember of runing License manager (or Flexlm manager) or something of that sort when I did install Fluent.

1. My question is do, I have to use separate License manager ( or FLEXMlm manager) installed for Fluent? because when I go to start>programs>Fluent Products, I can not find something FLEXLm server.

2. In license file for fluent, I just changed HostID and run Clinet setup Wizard which did not ask me location of license file but port number and license server name, which I did put correctly.

Main worry is 'lmgrd is not running' and I can not get lmtools utility in Fluent directory as I got for ANSYS.

Thank youfor your answers.

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