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jack1980 March 2, 2010 08:32

open channel flow: pressure-inlet

For open channel flow, concerning a ship in a towing tank, I have set pressure-inlet and pressure-outlet. I have specified free-surface levels and inflow velocity. The problem is: at the inlet, the water has the correct velocity, but the air does not. This leads to reverse flow, unrealistically high velocities, and unexpected turbulence. I can 'solve' this by increasing the air viscosity such that it is dragged along by the water, but of course this is not a very nice option.

How can I set the correct inflow velocity for the air as well?

I'm working in Fluent 6.3.26


siamakghh2000 October 21, 2012 14:15

hey, a question. how do u calculate the velocity in one pf the phases, such as air?

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