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Mohsin March 2, 2010 23:13

Two phase flow in a distributor
Dear fellows

I am working on Fluent for the simulation of two phase flow (coal plus Nitrogen) in a coal distributor and to get a uniform flow at the three outlets.

Could you please tell me what boundary condition (Pressure outlet, Outlet) or parameter I should give or choose in order to determine that the flow at the outlet would be distributed among the three outlets ( I mean the concentrtaion of the flow would be 33.33 % in each of the outlets, given that the concentration of the inlet is non uniform). Please if its possible for someone please give me a guideline.

Thank you
Graduate student
South korea

-mAx- March 3, 2010 02:22

Maybe I didn't understand what you want, but in the BC (multiphase model enabled) you have to specify the VOF of one phase).
So in your case you may set the VOF with the value 0.3333 or 0.6667 depending on your primary phase

Mohsin March 3, 2010 02:32

Thank you very much Max for your time.

I am using DPM model. In a coal distributor Pulverized coal is conveyed pneumatically through Nitrogen into a combustion chamber. The three outlets of the coal distributor goes into the combustion chamber.My goal is to get the uniform distribution of coal concentration at the outlets so that it can be burned correctly, given that the inlet has non uniform coal concentration.

Could you please tell me while using DPM model how can i measure the coal concentration at the outlets. can the Pressure outlet boundary condition give me the required result?

Thank you so much.

-mAx- March 3, 2010 04:23

you are driving me in a unknown field (DPM)
I can only say that you must specify your concentration (VOF) in outlet and inlet. In other words the concentration has to be known

srinu7257 May 24, 2010 02:25

Is there any material available on this matter??

Mohsin May 24, 2010 02:57

Yes. I posted this 3 months ago. Now i think i m a champion of DPM:)) just kidding.

You can refer to this web page and if u have any querry u can ask me.

Have a good time!

Mohisn Mukhtar

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