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priyanka.asp March 10, 2010 20:56

Modeling nanofluids
I am new to FLUENT. I just a clarification for modeling nanofluids flow in a tube. What model should i use? Discrete model or Two phase model?

Can anyone explain the difference between them?


udayrg March 11, 2010 00:26


In Multi phase modeling

There are two approaches

1)E-Lag method (Euler-Lagrangian Method) - Discrete Phase method

The Fluid phase is treated as continuum and the particles are solved as tracking the particles in the flow I.e. Fluid Euler method and Particles as Lagrangian method

2) E to E method (Euler Euler method) multi phase models

a) Mixture model
b) Eulerian model

Above two are useful for your application and the third one is

c) VOF

The discrete phase model if applied should have fairly low volume fraction of dispersed phase, usually less than 10-12% of total volume, which is a criteria for DPM Model.

If the volume fraction is more go for Mixture Or Eulerian Model in multi phase modeling.


priyanka.asp March 11, 2010 01:59

Thanks Uday!

the info is very helpful! I have to use volume fractions below 10% so I can use DPM now! :)

rajann_786 March 23, 2016 07:21

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