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jpcfd March 16, 2010 11:45

Wave equation for hfss in fluent

Im trying to simulate the electromagnetic field in the frecuency domain solving the equation laplac(phi)+k^2*(phi)=0. Im trying to view the effect of the drying of building materials via microwave sources (cm long wave).

To do this im trying to use a used defined scalar with a source term depending on the velocity without convenction term. Im not sure if this is possible with fluent
The problem a cant get the sinnousoidal pattern that supose to be solution of this equation. Im working with a 3d domain with noflux surrounded and two boundaries with the flux calculated from the exact solution. If i work with k arround 1 and no derivarive of the source term the solution explotes and if i put a derivative term the solution goes like a decay function (not phisical i think).
The question is if this can be possible. CAn i calculate HFSS in fluent or CFX using adtional variables. I know that i can use potencial teory but my domain is much bigger than my wave lengh so this doesnt cover.

I hope anyone can help me to solve this complicated high frecuency fields.
On the other hand im planning to use ANSYS clasical and calculate the volume heat source from the electromagnetic field and import it in the CFD code.


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